Company Introduction

Founding History

A Passion-Driven Business

A Story of Faith and Perseverance

Not many of you probably know the story behind BEXCS. BEXCS is coined from our old name BULACAN EXPRESS COURIER SERVICES because I and my husband are Bulakenyos. In 2019 I was a stay-at-home mom then doing full-time work as a senior market analyst for a Japanese firm. My husband had several residential projects and was a part-time grab rider at night. 

BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc. | Marjorey Rubio
BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc. | Marjorey Rubio

Both of us can’t work at the same time because one of us has to take care of our son Boaz. So Boaz is not an ordinary kid. He is special and I am grateful he is special. When I say special, he was born with special needs. He already manifested signs of delay and epilepsy as early as one year old. He is our only child and knowing we waited for 8 years we never complained to the Lord. When I gave birth to him, every day is a challenge. Every day is a different story, and every day is like an unending hardship. 

We incurred lots of debts and tons of medications, lab tests, and therapies. We had to sell while working but more than that we fear that we might not be able to sustain his needs in the future. So as my husband and I see our future we also saw an opportunity. He began to observe the market and he learned that a lot of his customers were having a hard time getting pick-up services from Bulacan to NCR and vice versa. As a market researcher and analyst for 6 years, I found his idea interesting and so I created a feasibility study.

It was hard and we had to build the company literally from the ground up while taking care of our son. So we started working on our profile, we did not have the capital for a website so we created a simple booking system- google forms. The only way to get clients is through social media so we created our page. I was the sales specialist, booking specialist, customer service, and rider in between. My husband is our main rider dispatcher and pick-up. We didn’t have marketing models because we cannot afford one, we were small, voiceless. 

I knew to scale our business we need an office to make us more visible and we rented our first branch for Php5,000.00 due to the pandemic. I hired my sisters knowing they would not be demanding salaries from me. I told them there is no difference between staying at home and working for me at first there’s no pay but if you believe in our vision we can leave a legacy for our children. We started employing riders, our riders turned into customer specialists, then turned into team leaders One branch led to another and another and to another. From a team of four, we have grown into a team of 40 people working under us in 2 years.

From a Php47,000 annual sales in 2019, we ended at Php1.9M sales in 2020 and Php6.7M sales in 2021. To date, we have closed large-scale projects and opened a warehouse in San Juan manila and now we are about to open our Bulacan central exchange.

BEXCS History

Watch and see how the passion bloomed into a legacy

From one we have grown into 3 ambitious and aggressive line of business: BEXCS Franchise, BEXCS Logistics and BEXCS Worldwide.

BEXCS Logistics

We are a logistics solutions provider offering last mile delivery, on demand or same day delivery, cargo delivery, international shipping, warehousing, inventory management and order fulfillment for companies who aim to establish a strong eCommerce operations in the Philippines.

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BEXCS Franchise

To create a stable investment return not only for our shareholders but to those who aspire to do well inn the industry, we are giving you BEXCS Franchise. Our retail, remittance, and last-mile fulfillment business centers.


BEXCS Worldwide

We are an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider. A group of determined entrepreneurs experienced in e-commerce, digital marketing, marketing study, and logistic services.


These three companies will surely make a difference in the lives of many Filipinos.
Making dreams possible and legacies to happen.

We can be your great business partner and help you grow!

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