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Take advantage of the power of logistics - The backbone of a business.

Keeping track of orders, inventory and daily sales can be tough — especially when you have multiple businesses and/or different channels to manage. Need a modern platform that has real-time syncing capabilities, integrated shipping and tracking options, easy-to-use 3rd-Party integrations, and the ability to create custom reports for the overall health of your business?

Get fresh insights on stock availability, budgeting plans, updated order status, 3rd-Party tracking information, and more. Save time on tedious tasks by automating key business processes with our order fulfillment solutions.

BEXCS has provided retail organizations with custom solutions over the years. It offers multi-channel retailers a complete stock management solution – from planning & forecasting to order management & warehouse control. We enable e-commerce sellers to integrate & sync their inventory over your existing store.

BEXCS Add-on Services

E-Commerce Channel Set-up & Management

We manage your brand presence in the Philippine market through strategic brand communications across various digital channels.

Customer Service

We make every effort to facilitate your business and make sure that your customers are satisfied with your services. From warehousing and inventory management to integrating multiple sales channels, we are a one-stop solution for all your supply chain needs.

Business & Legal Compliance

When you are ready to scale your business in the Philippine market, we can help you set up a Philippine business entity and ensure it’s legal compliant.

Market Research

To ensure your investment in the Philippine market is worth it, we offer complimentary market research specific to your industry.

More than a brand, BEXCS is changing the game in the logistics industry

Many business owners and managers know that there is a need to push their operations to the next level. However, there remains the question of how they will do it and where they will find the time and money required to grow. This can be problematic for start-ups and small businesses.

BEXCS provides an innovative solution to this problem. We will help you stay on top of your business by providing a fully customized software solution that is affordable and manageable. We will help you create streamlined processes for all your logistics and fulfillment needs that quickly adapt to any business environment.

No matter the size of your shipment, BEXCS is committed to getting it where it needs to go. With BEXCS, we handle your parcel delivery as important as our business — thoroughly and professionally.

Since we started, we have prepared the structure fitted to your needs. Fast. Reliable. Cost-efficient. Simply a BEXCS trademark.


Looking for an end-to-end logistics solution designed for your specific needs? Be a BEXCS partner today.

Providing safe and reliable service to all Entrepinoys

Being a customer-centric team, we are committed to providing a full-scale order fulfillment that enables you to strategically manage your orders without worrying about system costs and demanding operations. Creating a consolidated course fully supported by BEXCS logistics expertise and automation.

Pick and Pack Services

Picking and packing can be time-consuming for many business owners. With BEXCS doing your pick and pack will spare you from the hassle of having to go through each item one at a time. Find out why business owners just like yours rely on us to pick, pack, and ship their orders accurately every time.

Last-Mile Delivery

With increasing customer expectations and last-mile deliveries, you are facing a great deal of pressure on performance. Different time zones and weather conditions further complicate your delivery process.
Customers need to have their package on time and in the right shape. With BEXCS automation technology, you will be able to track every step of your last-mile delivery to assure your customers that their package is in good hands leading to increased business and customer loyalty.


Our new onboarding program ensures you get the setup information needed to start quickly and easily. We’ll guide you through the process and give you all the tools you need to ensure success. Our BEXCS Integrated System syncs with all major e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and shopping cart systems. The BEXCS team has spent years developing and perfecting this turnkey solution. Our onboarding team liaises with all technical teams, guides you through the setup with detailed documentation, and even organizes training for everyone on your team.

Still worrying about your future?

Start building your legacy now with BEXCS!

At BEXCS, we know experience matters. That’s why customers trust us — we have more than just experience in the logistics and transportation industry. For your services, this translates to competence around the globe.

The goal of the business is to always move forward>>

You have signed up for multiple fulfillment services, and your orders are still lost in a pile of mess. BEXCS provides end-to-end logistics services and fulfills orders using our trusted warehouse and logistics experts. With us, every product is built with precision on our custom e-commerce platform, completely tailored to fit your business needs. So trust BEXCS with your Ecommerce fulfillment requirements and experience the difference!

Why choose BEXCS?


Partner with BEXCS’ expert consultants and strategists to help you develop, launch and scale your online store as quickly as possible.


Access to a network of strategically positioned branches that are committed to ensuring deliveries is fulfilled 99% of the time. 


Our full-suite end-to-end logistics solutions ensure customers receive their products whenever, wherever they want.


Combining a strong domestic presence in high-growth markets with an extensive footprint across key global destinations, BEXCS will open new doors of opportunities.


Dedicated to bringing the latest technology enabling users to experience seamless integration, flexible inventory systems, find new products and tools, and learn about new trends and developments.


As the Pioneer Blockchain Logistics in the Philippines, BEXCS promises to deliver groundbreaking innovation with every new project and commitment to its clients.

With our logistics expertise, we can control the entire supply chain. We warehouse, fulfill, and deliver your orders on a timely basis. That means you can rest easy knowing that your customers will receive the products they ordered in the condition that you promised.

Our Clients

At BEXCS, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex problems with minimal customer interaction while maintaining a rapid and efficient turnaround time.

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