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Our end-to-end e-commerce solutions are designed to give our clients top-notch service that compliments their growth and ensures their success.

BEXCS Logistics Solutions Inc. is a logistics solutions provider offering last mile delivery, on demand or same day delivery, cargo delivery and international shipping. It also provides end-to-end eCommerce solutions such as warehouse services, inventory management and order fulfillment for companies who aim to establish a strong eCommerce operations in the Philippines. We are the first “blockchain logistics” in the Philippines.

It is our aim to be a world-class company empowering the Philippine e-commerce growth by bridging supply chain gaps. The company believes that providing end-to-end e-commerce solutions fueled by efficient last-mile logistics services will propel local businesses to take advantage of the e-commerce boom.

Opportunities that drive the Logistic Industry

The Philippines are experiencing a boom in eCommerce. Within the next few years, many companies will be setting up their own websites to sell goods and services to more than 100 million Filipinos.


Globalization has been an important driving force for economic development in all aspects of human life, combined and integrated knowledge based on the sharing of information have made it possible to ensure that a common understanding is reached in terms of top quality products, good services and safe products.


Technological advancement is the generation or discovery of knowledge that advances the understanding of science or technology.


When disposable income increases, households have more money to either save or spend, which naturally leads to a growth in consumption. Consumer spending is one of the most important determinants of demand; it creates the demand that keeps companies profitable and hiring new workers.


Ecommerce growth is the process of increasing revenue, expanding your customer base, entering new markets, earning a bigger market share. 

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Logistics Firm Taps Franchising To Expand Biz

In the last three years, we have opened a couple of branches, mostly in Luzon. But right now, we want to expand further in the Visayas and Mindanao areas

A resilient logistics is the key

The previous years have demonstrated that global supply chains are vulnerable, raising risk for highly associated global corporations that rely on secured and consistent transport movements. They seek a resilient logistic system that protects their business.

As their expectations grew, they need a logistics provider that offers a higher level of security, reliability in terms of time and speed, and an automated platform.

A full suite of services designed to serve all kinds of logistic needs here and abroad

BEXCS Logistic Solutions Inc. is an end-to-end logistic solutions provider offering warehouse services, inventory management, order fulfillment, and last-mile deliveries. It started in 2019 and has grown immensely.

Estimated to earn $2.7B USD in 5 years

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Order Fulfilment Services

Last-Mile Deliveries

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To create a legacy for the family of employees, the company is committed to providing opportunities for growth and development.


To provide a stable return on investment for our shareholders. We work hard to ensure that our stockholders receive a consistent payout, regardless of economic conditions.


We aim to improve the business of our customers by providing them with power eCommerce solutions. Our shareholders can be assured of a stable return on their investment.

Our success is measured by yours. And we intend to keep it that way, through ongoing training with industry experts and state-of-the-art technology.

We aim. We customize. We deliver.


At BEXCS, we know experience matters. That’s why customers trust us — we have more than just experience in the logistics and transportation industry. For your services, this translates to competence around the globe.

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