Logistics process management has always been a difficult undertaking. Looking at the global economy, there is a significant demand for good logistics. It is the key assistant in Commerce and helps to build the business.

Almost every business, regardless of industry, requires the sale and purchasing of materials, goods, and other items that must be delivered to a certain location. The truth is that the demand for logistics is expanding as a result of e-commerce. People are busy and prefer to shop online for convenience and safety.

The e-commerce world has revolutionized and created a big impact on the logistics industry. However, how do logistics professionals handle the growing demand from customers and their need for delivery?

The Rubios conceived a risky yet promising way of thinking about how they can make a difference in the field of logistics. From providing seamless delivery methods to everyone. It builds and requires new ways of thinking about employees–and customers too.

As we converse with Ms. Marjorey Rubio about the phenomenal change that ignited the birth of the Golden Age of Logistics, we’ll get to know BEXCS, up close and personal.

To become a leading world-class company empowering the Philippine E-commerce economy by bridging industry gaps.

How did BEXCS start?

Marjorey Rubio: “BEXCS is a phenomenal company that thrived well amidst the pandemic. I want everyone here to understand our vision, mission, and core values because these are what we have lived for in the last 3 years and continue to live upon, To become a leading world-class company empowering the Philippine E-commerce economy by bridging industry gaps.”

BEXCS rapidly evolved in the past 3 years from being a small third-party player into becoming an end-to-end logistic solutions corporation. Over the years, BEXCS designed our ecosystem to be sustainable, scalable, and resilient to empower domestic and foreign clients.

They started in 2019 when Mr. Rodel Rubio saw the potential of serving the unserved locations in the country, particularly in Bulacan. BEXCS is coined from its old name BULACAN EXPRESS COURIER SERVICES because the couple is Bulakenyos. In 2019, before the breakthrough, Marjorey was a stay-at-home mom while doing full-time work as a senior market analyst for a Japanese firm. Alongside her husband, Rodel had several residential projects by day and was a part-time grab rider at night.

Marjorey Rubio: “Both of us can’t work at the same time because one of us has to take care of our son Boaz who is special. When I say special, he was born with special needs. When he was 1 he already manifested signs of delay and epilepsy. But he is our only child and knowing we waited for 8 years we never complained to the Lord. When I gave birth to him every day is a challenge, every day is a different story and every day is like unending hardship. We incurred lots of debts and tons of medications, lab tests, and therapies. We had to sell while working but more than that we fear that we might not be able to sustain his needs in the future. So as my husband and I see our future we also saw an opportunity. He began to observe the market and he learned that a lot of his customers were having a hard time getting pick-up services from Bulacan to NCR and vice versa. As a market researcher and analyst for 6 years, I found his idea interesting and so I created a feasibility study. It was hard and we had to build the company literally from the ground up while taking care of our son. The money came from my senior colleague in our company, Angela – Salamat for never having a second thought about seeding our first capital. We started with only 70,000 pesos.”

What are your company values?

Marjorey Rubio: “Our core values are BRAVERY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, CAMARADERIE, AND SERVANT LEADERSHIP. But among these core values, the most important value for me is Servant Leadership. This is my principle in life and what I also want BEXCS to become. The more that we grow, the more that people see a lot of us, and the more humble we should be because we don’t want to forget where we started.

What does BEXCS do?

Marjorey Rubio: “BEXCS is an end-to-end fulfillment logistics. We are designed to increase the sales of arising entrepreneurs, especially in the country right now. BEXCS helps a lot of businesses to thrive through the pandemic.
We are not just dedicated to technological advancements but also to the empowerment of our Kababayans especially those in the unserved areas.
Through BEXCS Worldwide, we have been conducting workshops for MSMEs through joint efforts with the local government. We started our Project in Baguio called “Future-Proofing Your Business: an introduction to e-commerce” This workshop seminar is a 2-day physical & virtual event aimed at educating micro to small enterprises on how to successfully thrive in e-commerce.”

What makes BEXCS stand out from the rest of its competition?

Marjorey Rubio: “Let me answer those in two ways. Number 1, We are an end-to-end fulfillment logistics that tailor-fits the services you need based on your business requirements. We have warehousing, inventory management, last-mile, and customer service. The second one is for the investors. Those who would like to franchise from us will have a lot of revenue streams. We will be combining logistics and financial logistics. We have incorporated Fintech in our remittance, and payment center, and we are the first company/franchise to have a token exchange.”

I see BEXCS as the pioneering hybrid Amazon here in the Philippines leaving thousands of jobs. Leaving a legacy for millions of Filipino families here and abroad.

What is your driving force?

Marjorey Rubio: “One of our driving forces is parents like us. So we want to see a lot of families grow. We want to see a lot of families have resilient businesses. And most of all, this is for people who want to leave a legacy for generations to come.”

How do you see BEXCS in the next 5 years?

Marjorey Rubio: “I see BEXCS as the pioneering hybrid Amazon here in the Philippines leaving thousands of jobs. Leaving a legacy for millions of Filipino families here and abroad.”

Before we end this interview, any parting words or advice?

Marjorey Rubio: “BEXCS represents every single parent who wants to leave a legacy not just an ordinary business but a legacy for generations to come. BEXCS represents the Modern Day Filipinos who strive to bounce back from the losses of the pandemic. BEXCS represents resiliency, camaraderie, excellence, and servant leadership. Ang BEXCS ay para sa may pangarap na katulad namin ni Rodel, nangarap na mabigyan ng magandang buhay ang pamilya. BEXCS is every Juan who wants to pay it forward. BEXCS is every Juan who wants transformation in their lives.
The negative things that you will hear will also be your stepping stone. This is my principle in life, you cannot please everyone but you can choose to change the direction of your life if you make those negative into positive.”